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Why You Should Burn Incense At Home?

Whenever I hear the word incense I think of Moses from the Bible and the priests of Israel. This is because when I was a child, I was told stories of the Israelites making burnt offerings, incenses and sacrifices whenever they wanted to appease God. I thought that incenses were to be burnt only in holy places such as temples and churches. But today I realize that incenses are substances that can be burnt even in our homes. They are substances that produce sweet smelling aroma when burnt.

The use of incense during worship by Christians can be traced back to the early Christian days. The Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran and Anglican Churches have been using incense in their practices for centuries. Nowadays, incense has been increasingly used not only among the mainstream churches but also in the protestant churches. www.holyart.co.uk is a UK based ecommerce company that deals in sale of religious products across Europe. We sell incenses of various types including the aloe resin, the Agatis Alba Perfumed incense, and amber incense among many more. We deliver the products in time regardless of your location in Europe. Well, Let us now look into the reasons why you should burn incense at home;

  1. To practice Yoga;

Yoga is special exercise that should be done in a pure environment. To replace the toxic fumes and artificial fragrances you can burn incenses to produce sweet and pure fragrance. In the presence of pure fragrance the body is able to maximize its capabilities and dispose of toxic materials that have stayed in the body for a very long time. The artificial fragrances that are usually present in the environment can be harmful to the body and cause distraction and loss of attention to the person undertaking the yoga exercise.

burning insence at home

  1. To encourage emotional release;

Certain smells trigger specific emotions in our minds. Some make us physically aroused, some make us hungry, some make us feel safe and calm. Some make us feel joy and happy. The scent produced by smoke from burning incense can improve our emotions. And that is good news because all of us want to be happy wherever we are .We all face different changes at different times in our lives , sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves because we think we have lesser ability compared to our friends who we think are better than us. Emotions can really affect us and our relationships with ourselves and other people. That is why whenever we feel uneasy and stressed psychologically; try the smell of smoke produced from burning incense. Its fragrance is captivating and magical.

  1. To meditate;

Weve all heard before that meditation is important for our mental health. We must take some few hours every day to talk to ourselves. It improves our level of understanding about ourselves. It also improves our interpersonal relationships. This means that we are likely to advance faster in our careers than most people will ever rise because we are friendlier to the people around us. That is how leadership begins. Smoke produced from burning incense has a purifying property that calms the mind and makes the environment around us peaceful. This makes us drift quickly into our own world of thoughts and have a meeting with ourselves.

  1. To revamp your routine;

We live in a world that favors meritocracy over mediocrity. You have to continue learning in order to stay on top of the game. You need to continue to change your habits with newer ones if you want to improve your life. If burning incense can improve your well being then why not try it. You can decide to make burning incense a routine. Just like when you come home in the evening and take a snack while relaxing your foot in the foot massager. It can be of great benefit to your body.

  1. To get inspired;

Everyone needs inspirations to go through life. We can get our inspirations in various ways. We can get inspired through quotes, we can also get inspired through movies, and we can also observe what others are doing and get inspired. We may also have that scent that when we smell, everything in our body gets re-energized and we feel complete once again. We all have that aroma that when we detect, we get powerful emotions that trigger us to do great things. Well, I figured out I get inspired when I smell orange marmalade! Some love the smell of vanilla, others love clover. If you do not know yours yet, you can try out the smell produced by smoke rising from burning incense.

burn insence at home

  1. To heal;

Man can get unwell in many parts of his body. Some parts of the body can be cured by drugs. Some parts of the body can only be cured through spirituality: our brain. Depression is one of the leading diseases affecting the current youthful generation. Some do not even know that they are suffering. Whenever you are emotionally stressed and things are not going as you wanted, just pick up your diary and start writing the things you have, while burning incense. By the time you are through with journaling, you have transformed into a happy and stable person once again.

  1. To increase your awareness;

We always love it when we discover something new about ourselves; especially if it is something positive, rather than negative. A new energy just comes into our life once more and we feel like we have been reborn into a new person. You can decide to connect your sense of smell by detecting the smell of smoke produced by burning incenses.

Incenses are great substances that should be included in our day to day life at home and at work. It has great benefits to the body and therapeutic advantages to the mind. You will have a higher advantage over the rest of the population. HOLYART is your leading store for all types of incense, talk to us today for the best prices around!


Perfect Wedding Planners

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If you’re selecting a wedding planner and planning to hire them, you need to book an appointment with them. They will meet you in person so that you can share your thoughts about your dream wedding to your wedding planner. You should compare the portfolio and packages of the wedding planner with their competitor. Make sure you select the perfect wedding planner you will suit you and your family. Make sure you’re comfortable with them as you’re going to travel with them for months. Wedding occurs once in a lifetime, and it is the most expected and memorable day of everyone’s life. So, you need to execute your wedding the perfect wedding. To make all these things possible you need to hire the ideal wedding planner who has completed many marriages. Checktheirpackages and services included in the package. You don’t need to worry about your wedding if you choose the perfect wedding planner.

The perfect wedding planner is the one who helps to execute your wedding flawlessly. You need to make a list of services you need and list of guests you’re inviting based on the number of guests you can hire a wedding venue which will be suggested by the wedding planners. Wedding planners are the ones who make your wedding unique. You don’t need to worry about the marriage. Wedding planners will take care of your wedding and make you stress-free. They will take care of your guests and their needs. From picking them to the venue and giving them accommodation. They use DIY ideas to reduce the cost which provides you with the unique look to your places.



4 Reasons to Hire Express Waste Removals For Rubbish Clearance In London

How many times have you ever taken out rubbish and had to return it back because the Skip hire for one reason or another failed to show up on time? Or how about when a business property has been vacated and the previous occupant has left the premises under loads of rubbish and the only hope you have in sight is the 4 day wait for rubbish pickup? Whatever the reasons why waste remains uncollected at your home or office one thing is clear; Express Waste Removal is your reliable partner for all your rubbish clearance needs in London. Our waste removal services are fast, reliable, and extremely affordable. You dont have to wait for days before your rubbish gets collected; we are here ready to do that in a matter of hours!

We handle all types of rubbish in London including;

  • Residential: This refers to kitchen and household rubbish. In some cases, garden rubbish may be considered so long as it is not in huge amounts.
  • Commercial: This refers to rubbish generated from offices, restaurants, hotels, public parks, hospitals, and so on. Usually, this may include, packaging material, ink cartridges, shredded paper, broken glass and furniture etc.
  • Construction waste; this kind of waste is often found in building and construction sites. It includes pieces of wood, concrete, plastic pipes and wire cables, nails, paint containers, wires, and so on so forth. The thing to note with this kind of waste is that it can easily lead to injuries if left idling around for long. The last thing you want is for a prospective tenant to come viewing your property, only to be met with hazardous nails and iron sheets that may cause injuries and car punctures.

4 reasons why you hire Express Waste Removals;

There are many good reasons why you should make a point of hiring express waste removals for all your rubbish clearance needs in London. These include

  1. Fast and prompt services; it doesnt matter where youre located in London or the amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared. Express Waste Removals guarantees you of fasts and prompt services on any day. Just give us a call and lets discuss your options. Usually, most Londoners are ever busy and away from home on weekdays. As such, they prefer having a clearance team come over during the weekends. While this is understandable, Express Waste Removals is always on standby and can come over any day of the week including on public holidays!
  2. Diversified services; with Express Waste Removals, we offer a variety of diversified rubbish removal services. This includes residential rubbish removal, office and commercial waste removal, garden waste removal, or decluttering of your home or workplace. As long as you got rubbish that needs to be removed in London, regardless of the volume or location, count on us to get the job done fast and professionally.
  3. Carefully vetted employees; waste clearance is more than just having a team of collectors come over to your premises to do the job. You need to be very sure that the team youre allowing in your residence of commercial property consists of trustworthy men and women. We go to great lengths to ensure that we carefully pick and vet all our clearance teams. We have conducted thorough background checks to ensure that all our employees live and work legally in the UK, that they are men and women of integrity. All your valuables are ever safe and secure no instances of careless damage or theft when serving you.
  4. Best customer care; any company, regardless of the services or goods it offers is only as good as its customer care! If the representatives are rude or dishonest, chances are that youll never want to go back there again. At Express Waste removals, we have in place a courteous and very friendly customer care team on standby. We always listen to your queries politely and will advise you forward on every issue you have. We will follow up and have our clearance teams get in touch with you as soon as youve contacted us online. In instances where you have a complaint or feedback, we always welcome such! Serving you and ensuring that your home or commercial waste is cleared effectively is our number one goal. Like we mentioned earlier, even the waste clearance teams are ever courteous and respectful, right from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave to take away the rubbish for disposal.

Express Waste Removals has great experience in handling all manner of rubbish removals in London. We are reliable and professional, ensuring that we clean up before taking the waste away for disposal. Our rates start from as little 25 to 250 depending on the amount to be cleared. We also offer nice discounts to new clients as well as repeat ones who have tried our services before.


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Coinbase are not adding alt coins

Recently the cryptocurrency community was under the impression that large online exchange Coinbase was going to be adding new coins to their exchange. As of now Coinbase only allow Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Ethereum to be traded on their platform. The coins predicted that were going to be added where Ripple, Dash & Monero. However, Coinbase officially announced that they are not implementing any new coins.

Coinbase official statement.

As of the date of this statement, we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase. Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company.

This was quite upsetting for the community as the price for these coins was surging in hype of the implementation of these coins. Ripple peaked to 23000 stats, now its sitting at 15000. Thats a huge drop in value. For those who bought our the peak, sit tight & hodl.

Since then also the alt coin market has seen massive drops across the board. Stellar lumens have dropped 40% in value Just stick tight and hold.

When holding coins its best to keep them stored in a hardware wallet. This is because nobody is able to hack into your hardware wallet. Keeping them on an online exchange for long periods of time has this risk. You can buy Bitcoin hardware wallets at many online retailers such as amazon or ebay.

First Teaching Professional Certificate

Steps Involved in Getting Your First Teaching Professional Certificate

Many people develop an interest in teaching as a career at a young age. This a positive factor since it provides for ample time to plan for the appropriate higher education. For others, the decision to become a teacher is made later in life when they are already in another career. For this reason, alternative routes have been put in place to take care of all people who want to get into the teaching profession. The skills, experience and the process needed to get your first teaching professional certificate remains the same.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Personal attributes

Those who consider joining the teaching profession should have a desire to help and work with children. They should endear education as an important process in the enlightenment and emancipation of society from its problems.

  • Experience

Before getting into Initial Teacher Training, you need to place yourself in the classroom environment to gain experience of how your career life will be. You are required to volunteer for a few weeks in a school. This will either serve to fortify your passion into this field, or to discourage those who didnt really have what takes. If you can withstand the demanding and complex task of providing knowledge and dealing with young people, then you can successfully apply to enroll in ITT.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Early years or Secondary?

Before applying and enrolling into a teacher training programme you need to decide in advance what levels you would like to teach. Secondary school teachers are required specialize in one subject, but primary school teachers can teach all the subjects.

  • Qualifying to get into ITT

In order to become a teacher you must be good in English and Math. In London you must have a GSCE minimum of C in English and mathematics if you want to teach in primary and early years, and a UK degree of 2:2 for those getting into secondary teaching. It is also a requirement that you have a school based work experience of not less than two weeks. Applicants need to disclose their past criminal convictions if they have any. However this does not disqualify anyone.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Training

Entry into Initial Teacher Training at SCCD Training is regulated by the government to ensure that only qualified candidates receive training. There are three types of teacher training , namely undergraduate teacher training, post graduate teacher training and employment based teacher training.To attain the Qualified Teacher Status you must ace professional skills tests and tests in Mathematics and English. Several teacher training programs can sponsor you with bursaries during training.

  • Induction

You will be awarded with a QTS after completing ITT in London. However to become a fully qualified teacher and receive certification you are required to complete one induction year at a school of your choice. During the induction you must demonstrate that you have a mastery of the profession and that you meet Teachers Standards. Teachers on probation are assigned a mentor to guide and help them smoothly transition into the industry.

First Teaching Professional Certificate

Teaching is profession that requires a lot patience, commitment and a desire to help the young minds. Acquiring a teaching professional certificate is not walk in the park, but once you are get you will be truly qualified to meet the tasks that lie ahead.

Read more about teacher training courses on SCCD Training Facebook page and on their Google business page.

By: ClickDo Media Team writers

Business growth

Relationship Between Business and Faith

Houses of Worship

Places of love welcome individuals from an assortment of religious conventions who are hoping to move nearer to God. Numerous people endeavour to seek after the harmony between a profession, confidence and family life. A current Wall Street Journal publication stated that in America’s places of worship many tend to benefit church and preacher benefit over the business movement. Now and then taking an interest in a business is censured and the congregation suggests that business is common and degenerate. It goes ahead to call attention to that there is another “confidence at work” sub-culture jumping up in numerous companies the country over. This goes past business morals or evangelism, however, includes experts seeking after magnificence in every aspect of life, including their vocation. Businessmen have a chance to show the “living out of their confidence” before associates and the individuals who the congregation will most likely be unable to reach.

Business growth

  • A few assemblages battle to close the hole amongst chapel and business. Ministers urge business experts to get required with their gatherers, and consequently, give their help for the business group.
  • It is ending up the more typical place for ministers to now visit their devotees at work to better comprehend their expert lives and the difficulties they confront.
  • Holy places get themselves unfit to interface with their gatherers in the event that they are uninformed of how they spend their 50 hour function week.
  • This prompts a more profound comprehension of the entire individual of confidence.

Holy Places and It’s Importance

Holy places have additionally perceived the critical part agents play in financing teacher work and supporting the congregation. Energetic business bunches empower places of worship to extend and contact more individuals than any other time in recent memory. A long way from de-esteeming or de-accentuating business, it is important that holy places grasp their part of profoundly bolstering experts so they can experience their confidence in all aspects of their life.

Motivate Your Employees for Success

Qualities are regularly defiled in the extreme work climate and financial condition that we live in, frequently getting to be noticeably infectious. Accordingly, representatives are not being dealt with decently or battle to keep their occupations. Amid this time, people either experienced their confidence at work or capitulate under the weight. The congregation needs to strengthen to their gatherers the significance of confidence and good esteem in regular daily existence, including business.


Individuals welcome the business person who can lead an association while likewise approaching his workers with deference as Jesus does. Christ characterized authority, demonstrating that strength and boldness joined with lowliness and empathy propels and challenges supporters. Qualities lectured on Sundays should be fused each day and amid the work week.

Final Thoughts

The best business and advertising rehearses are normally in view of Christian standards. Indicating believers that having the confidence to take after Christ into the work environment will favour each part of their lives.