4 Reasons to Hire Express Waste Removals For Rubbish Clearance In London

How many times have you ever taken out rubbish and had to return it back because the Skip hire for one reason or another failed to show up on time? Or how about when a business property has been vacated and the previous occupant has left the premises under loads of rubbish and the only hope you have in sight is the 4 day wait for rubbish pickup? Whatever the reasons why waste remains uncollected at your home or office one thing is clear; Express Waste Removal is your reliable partner for all your rubbish clearance needs in London. Our waste removal services are fast, reliable, and extremely affordable. You dont have to wait for days before your rubbish gets collected; we are here ready to do that in a matter of hours!

We handle all types of rubbish in London including;

  • Residential: This refers to kitchen and household rubbish. In some cases, garden rubbish may be considered so long as it is not in huge amounts.
  • Commercial: This refers to rubbish generated from offices, restaurants, hotels, public parks, hospitals, and so on. Usually, this may include, packaging material, ink cartridges, shredded paper, broken glass and furniture etc.
  • Construction waste; this kind of waste is often found in building and construction sites. It includes pieces of wood, concrete, plastic pipes and wire cables, nails, paint containers, wires, and so on so forth. The thing to note with this kind of waste is that it can easily lead to injuries if left idling around for long. The last thing you want is for a prospective tenant to come viewing your property, only to be met with hazardous nails and iron sheets that may cause injuries and car punctures.

4 reasons why you hire Express Waste Removals;

There are many good reasons why you should make a point of hiring express waste removals for all your rubbish clearance needs in London. These include

  1. Fast and prompt services; it doesnt matter where youre located in London or the amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared. Express Waste Removals guarantees you of fasts and prompt services on any day. Just give us a call and lets discuss your options. Usually, most Londoners are ever busy and away from home on weekdays. As such, they prefer having a clearance team come over during the weekends. While this is understandable, Express Waste Removals is always on standby and can come over any day of the week including on public holidays!
  2. Diversified services; with Express Waste Removals, we offer a variety of diversified rubbish removal services. This includes residential rubbish removal, office and commercial waste removal, garden waste removal, or decluttering of your home or workplace. As long as you got rubbish that needs to be removed in London, regardless of the volume or location, count on us to get the job done fast and professionally.
  3. Carefully vetted employees; waste clearance is more than just having a team of collectors come over to your premises to do the job. You need to be very sure that the team youre allowing in your residence of commercial property consists of trustworthy men and women. We go to great lengths to ensure that we carefully pick and vet all our clearance teams. We have conducted thorough background checks to ensure that all our employees live and work legally in the UK, that they are men and women of integrity. All your valuables are ever safe and secure no instances of careless damage or theft when serving you.
  4. Best customer care; any company, regardless of the services or goods it offers is only as good as its customer care! If the representatives are rude or dishonest, chances are that youll never want to go back there again. At Express Waste removals, we have in place a courteous and very friendly customer care team on standby. We always listen to your queries politely and will advise you forward on every issue you have. We will follow up and have our clearance teams get in touch with you as soon as youve contacted us online. In instances where you have a complaint or feedback, we always welcome such! Serving you and ensuring that your home or commercial waste is cleared effectively is our number one goal. Like we mentioned earlier, even the waste clearance teams are ever courteous and respectful, right from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave to take away the rubbish for disposal.

Express Waste Removals has great experience in handling all manner of rubbish removals in London. We are reliable and professional, ensuring that we clean up before taking the waste away for disposal. Our rates start from as little 25 to 250 depending on the amount to be cleared. We also offer nice discounts to new clients as well as repeat ones who have tried our services before.


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