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Why You Should Burn Incense At Home?

Whenever I hear the word incense I think of Moses from the Bible and the priests of Israel. This is because when I was a child, I was told stories of the Israelites making burnt offerings, incenses and sacrifices whenever they wanted to appease God. I thought that incenses were to be burnt only in holy places such as temples and churches. But today I realize that incenses are substances that can be burnt even in our homes. They are substances that produce sweet smelling aroma when burnt.

The use of incense during worship by Christians can be traced back to the early Christian days. The Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran and Anglican Churches have been using incense in their practices for centuries. Nowadays, incense has been increasingly used not only among the mainstream churches but also in the protestant churches. www.holyart.co.uk is a UK based ecommerce company that deals in sale of religious products across Europe. We sell incenses of various types including the aloe resin, the Agatis Alba Perfumed incense, and amber incense among many more. We deliver the products in time regardless of your location in Europe. Well, Let us now look into the reasons why you should burn incense at home;

  1. To practice Yoga;

Yoga is special exercise that should be done in a pure environment. To replace the toxic fumes and artificial fragrances you can burn incenses to produce sweet and pure fragrance. In the presence of pure fragrance the body is able to maximize its capabilities and dispose of toxic materials that have stayed in the body for a very long time. The artificial fragrances that are usually present in the environment can be harmful to the body and cause distraction and loss of attention to the person undertaking the yoga exercise.

burning insence at home

  1. To encourage emotional release;

Certain smells trigger specific emotions in our minds. Some make us physically aroused, some make us hungry, some make us feel safe and calm. Some make us feel joy and happy. The scent produced by smoke from burning incense can improve our emotions. And that is good news because all of us want to be happy wherever we are .We all face different changes at different times in our lives , sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves because we think we have lesser ability compared to our friends who we think are better than us. Emotions can really affect us and our relationships with ourselves and other people. That is why whenever we feel uneasy and stressed psychologically; try the smell of smoke produced from burning incense. Its fragrance is captivating and magical.

  1. To meditate;

Weve all heard before that meditation is important for our mental health. We must take some few hours every day to talk to ourselves. It improves our level of understanding about ourselves. It also improves our interpersonal relationships. This means that we are likely to advance faster in our careers than most people will ever rise because we are friendlier to the people around us. That is how leadership begins. Smoke produced from burning incense has a purifying property that calms the mind and makes the environment around us peaceful. This makes us drift quickly into our own world of thoughts and have a meeting with ourselves.

  1. To revamp your routine;

We live in a world that favors meritocracy over mediocrity. You have to continue learning in order to stay on top of the game. You need to continue to change your habits with newer ones if you want to improve your life. If burning incense can improve your well being then why not try it. You can decide to make burning incense a routine. Just like when you come home in the evening and take a snack while relaxing your foot in the foot massager. It can be of great benefit to your body.

  1. To get inspired;

Everyone needs inspirations to go through life. We can get our inspirations in various ways. We can get inspired through quotes, we can also get inspired through movies, and we can also observe what others are doing and get inspired. We may also have that scent that when we smell, everything in our body gets re-energized and we feel complete once again. We all have that aroma that when we detect, we get powerful emotions that trigger us to do great things. Well, I figured out I get inspired when I smell orange marmalade! Some love the smell of vanilla, others love clover. If you do not know yours yet, you can try out the smell produced by smoke rising from burning incense.

burn insence at home

  1. To heal;

Man can get unwell in many parts of his body. Some parts of the body can be cured by drugs. Some parts of the body can only be cured through spirituality: our brain. Depression is one of the leading diseases affecting the current youthful generation. Some do not even know that they are suffering. Whenever you are emotionally stressed and things are not going as you wanted, just pick up your diary and start writing the things you have, while burning incense. By the time you are through with journaling, you have transformed into a happy and stable person once again.

  1. To increase your awareness;

We always love it when we discover something new about ourselves; especially if it is something positive, rather than negative. A new energy just comes into our life once more and we feel like we have been reborn into a new person. You can decide to connect your sense of smell by detecting the smell of smoke produced by burning incenses.

Incenses are great substances that should be included in our day to day life at home and at work. It has great benefits to the body and therapeutic advantages to the mind. You will have a higher advantage over the rest of the population. HOLYART is your leading store for all types of incense, talk to us today for the best prices around!