First Teaching Professional Certificate

Steps Involved in Getting Your First Teaching Professional Certificate

Many people develop an interest in teaching as a career at a young age. This a positive factor since it provides for ample time to plan for the appropriate higher education. For others, the decision to become a teacher is made later in life when they are already in another career. For this reason, alternative routes have been put in place to take care of all people who want to get into the teaching profession. The skills, experience and the process needed to get your first teaching professional certificate remains the same.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Personal attributes

Those who consider joining the teaching profession should have a desire to help and work with children. They should endear education as an important process in the enlightenment and emancipation of society from its problems.

  • Experience

Before getting into Initial Teacher Training, you need to place yourself in the classroom environment to gain experience of how your career life will be. You are required to volunteer for a few weeks in a school. This will either serve to fortify your passion into this field, or to discourage those who didnt really have what takes. If you can withstand the demanding and complex task of providing knowledge and dealing with young people, then you can successfully apply to enroll in ITT.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Early years or Secondary?

Before applying and enrolling into a teacher training programme you need to decide in advance what levels you would like to teach. Secondary school teachers are required specialize in one subject, but primary school teachers can teach all the subjects.

  • Qualifying to get into ITT

In order to become a teacher you must be good in English and Math. In London you must have a GSCE minimum of C in English and mathematics if you want to teach in primary and early years, and a UK degree of 2:2 for those getting into secondary teaching. It is also a requirement that you have a school based work experience of not less than two weeks. Applicants need to disclose their past criminal convictions if they have any. However this does not disqualify anyone.

Teaching Professional Certificate

  • Training

Entry into Initial Teacher Training at SCCD Training is regulated by the government to ensure that only qualified candidates receive training. There are three types of teacher training , namely undergraduate teacher training, post graduate teacher training and employment based teacher training.To attain the Qualified Teacher Status you must ace professional skills tests and tests in Mathematics and English. Several teacher training programs can sponsor you with bursaries during training.

  • Induction

You will be awarded with a QTS after completing ITT in London. However to become a fully qualified teacher and receive certification you are required to complete one induction year at a school of your choice. During the induction you must demonstrate that you have a mastery of the profession and that you meet Teachers Standards. Teachers on probation are assigned a mentor to guide and help them smoothly transition into the industry.

First Teaching Professional Certificate

Teaching is profession that requires a lot patience, commitment and a desire to help the young minds. Acquiring a teaching professional certificate is not walk in the park, but once you are get you will be truly qualified to meet the tasks that lie ahead.

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By: ClickDo Media Team writers